To view an index of all of the images in a thread, determine the ID number of the thread. Find the number in the link which comes after "showtopic=" in the link. For example, if the topic link is the topic ID is 23034. Add that ID number to the end of the URL

For example, leads to an index of all images in the thread with id 23034.

The filenames for each image follow a format starting with the UNIX timestamp for when the file was downloaded, followed by the post ID (a unique ID number for each post, not to be confused with thread ID) followed by the number of the image within that post, followed by the original filename (or the last 14 characters of the filename if it exceeds that length).

For example, is an image from thread 23034, downloaded at 1420585665 (unix timestamp format), was embedded in post 320838, was the first image in that post, and was originally named P7080122.jpg